Monday, March 14, 2016

Bad Aim

 I moved the camera traps from the south side of the site to the north side.  Apparently, I'm not so good at aiming though.  Mostly I got a lot of pictures of the top of tortoise shells.  There was just this one that included a face.  I tried to fix the camera placement.  Time will tell whether or not it worked.
We are officially booked to speak for the Space Coast Science Education Alliance.   They made this great flyer for the event.  Unfortunately, due to some scheduling conflicts, some of our supporters will be at state science fair, and Ryan will be presenting at NSTA.  Still, it should be a great opportunity to share our project with more people.
I think we have the google form and photo drive working now which will mean that anyone will be able to look at the pictures from the 114 acres and help us to analyze the data from them.  I'm going to have a couple of people test it for me and then share the link here when it is ready to go live.  

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