Saturday, March 11, 2017

Camera Trap Set-Up

The County Commission voted to lease the land to the GREAT group in October instead of pursuing plans to sell it to developers.  By November, GREAT was a registered non-profit and had insured and secured the property.
In December, I met Anita at the property to set the camera traps up again.
 Anna and River came out with me to help out
 Anita met us there, along with Carl and Linda.  Carl found the camera trap that I thought had been stolen!  He even cleaned it up for us.  Sadly, the pictures were lost, but it was great to have the camera back again.

 We found some active burrows to set up the new traps.
 Anna and River were a huge help.
 It has been really dry this season and there is no standing water right now.  The grass has really grown since they stopped mowing.
 Such a beautiful property.  It is so exciting to know that it is safe for now.  

Busy Days

 Since I last posted, the hundred acre hollows has been officially protected!  The county issued a lease to GREAT for $1 a year.  It can be ended at a later date, but for now, our 114 acres are safe from development.  The camera traps are out again and collecting lots of interesting photos.  Here are a few of my favorites.
  A bobcat came cruising by one of the camera traps in the dark of the night.
 The gopher tortoises are coming in and out of the burrows to graze and sun during the day.

 And mating season has begun.  Oh dear!
I have some photos of us working on the land as well, I'll be back to post those when I have gotten them off of my phone.