Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Camera Trap Testing

We got our first camera trap!  The goal is to come up with 5 total before we go to Costa Rica in August and 10 total by the time we plan to implement our project locally after our return.  So this is a trial run of our camera trap set up in the back yard.  The first image captured was Lizzie finding a treat.  Next we will take it to a friend's house and set it up in front of a tortoise burrow.   


 We met with Jimmy from Conservation International this morning.  He came down from Virginia to give us all the information we would need to get ready for our trip.  He's the one in the middle.  He also went to Pennsylvania to meet with another team.  Peggy is traveling to meet with a team from California and the last team which is mixed from several states.
Here is the team all together.  From left to right: Angela, Ellen, Sara and Ryan.  So now we have a packing list, safety instructions, an itinerary and lots of good information to help us keep our project moving forward.  It looks like there is time in the schedule to do work on our project while we are there, we just need to figure out what we can accomplish and how we will tie it back to what we want to do here.