Monday, September 21, 2015

Group Visit

 On Saturday, the Space Coast Eco-Geeks got together to take a tour of the Suntree Study Site.
Anita and Tom along with Sarah and Terry from GREAT!  met us there.  
 There has been quite a bit of rain lately, leaving standing water in several of the basins.
The water was full of birds.  
 So many birds!
We also saw deer, including an 8 point buck.  

 The team is so excited to begin studying the sight.  We are still working through logistical details like permitting and protocols.  Ryan went back yesterday and installed three camera traps as part of an initial information gathering phase.  I am headed back this evening to check on them and make sure they are collecting data as they should.  I also received the two new camera traps funded by my donor's choose grant!  Hopefully we can finalize our plans soon and get all the camera traps set up and collecting data.

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