Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ready to Move Forward

On Tuesday of last week I went to a meeting of the group working to prevent development of the 114 acres in Suntree.  They are now calling themselves GREAT! which stands for Greenspace Environmental Advocacy Task Force.  I talked about our trip to Costa Rica and how we had gotten training in TEAM protocols which we were ready to put to use to study the gopher tortoises on the 114 acres.  As of Tuesday, the land was in the hands of the county and nobody had permission to visit the site with concerns about liability.  Anita is serving as our conduit of information and I asked her to request permission for our team to access the sight to begin our study.
Yesterday, she met with county commissioner Curt Smith and he gave us the go ahead to begin our work!  Today they had a meeting, and he mentioned GREAT as well as the Eco-Geeks in his report
Follow this link to hear what he had to say.  There is a menu which allows you to skip to the end where he mentions us specifically.  So now we are ready to start working out the details and get our study moving forward.  

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