Monday, August 10, 2015

We have spent many hours since arriving in Costa Rica out hiking the trails to check on our traps.  So far, we have logged 48 miles and the trip is only halfway done!
 It has been well worth all the effort though, for the many photos we are capturing on our camera traps.  Here is a puma crossing the bridge.
 This is a puma far away on another trail.  Is it the same puma, or a different one?  We would really love to know.
We aren't just catching lots of pumas.  We think that this is an ocelot.  Sometimes the animals are moving fast, and at night it can be a little bit blurry.  
 This one turned out just great though.  Look at how clear his marking are!  Absolutely an ocelot.  We have one of the traps set to video, and it is really helping us to see what is going on.
 It isn't all about the cats though.  Check out the paca leaping in the rain.  I didn't know that pacas could leap.
We still have several more days before we will have to collect the traps so that we can analyze our data.  I can't wait to see what else we will find.  

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