Monday, August 3, 2015

Volcan Poas - Day 2

Today we drove from San Jose to La Selva, the biological preserve where we will be staying for the next two weeks.  
Along the way we stopped at a Coffee Plantation growing along the side of the road.  
 Our main stop was to visit Volcan Poas.  Poas is a huge active stravavolcano that last erupted in 2011.  Unfortunately, today it was completely obscured by cloud cover.  We did get to spend some time hiking up and down the volcano though, and saw lots of birds along the way.  There is a contest to see which group can identify the most birds while we are here, and I think we are going to win.  
This little guy is a Fiery Throated Hummingbird
Here is a shot of a Ringed King Fisher.  Ryan has a monstrous telephoto and has caught some fabulous shots.  
There was an adorable squirrel at the caldera.  
 Lunch was at Freddo Fresas. They specialize in strawberries.
 There were huge tracts of land covered with screening material.  They grow house plant underneath for export.  The screen keeps them shaded and protected.
 We also stopped at the Poas Waterfall.
 We spent lots of time taking photos and sharing them with one another.  We got a safety briefing when we arrived at La Selva and learned about bullet ants and the 7 species of venomous snakes found here.

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