Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day of Rest

 Today was Sunday, and in celebration of the day of rest, we got the morning off.  Our group chose to take a boating tour.  It went down a similar path to the river rafting trip, but the hard bottom boat allowed us to take cameras along.
 This Anhinga really cracked me up.  He was strutting and preening like crazy.  Apparently he is considered primitive water bird because he lacks oil glands, which is why he needs to preen so much.
 This is the Basilisk Lizard, the one that walks on water.  I have a cool video that I show to my students when we talk about hydrogen bonding and the surface tension of water.
 I know that I already posted a picture of the Black Mandible Toucan, but this guy was just too photogenic.
 Here is an entire family of howler monkeys, unfortunately they were pretty far away from the river.  I keep wishing that I had a bigger lens for my camera.
 Another Iguana, check out the orange coloration, that is how you tell that he is a male.
 We saw two kingfishers.  the beaks are really something.
Finally, check out our sloth.  He was just hanging around eating leaves.
We did a classroom session of GIS when we got back and then a computer lab with layering of data onto maps.  Then after dinner was a great night hike.  I tried to take photos with the GoPro, but I'm not sure what turned out.  

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