Friday, August 7, 2015

Birds of Costa Rica

We have seen 70 birds since we arrived in Costa Rica.  Ryan is a big bird lover and has a life list that he is adding to.  The rest of us are helping to keep track because there is a Beth Platt memorial contest to see which team can see the most birds while we are here.
This is an Acacari in a tree.  I took this picture personally, which is why I am including it here. 
This is an Acacari with a berry, that Ryan took with his much bigger zoom lens.  I have a little bit of lens envy, but I am enjoying his photos very much.  
 This is Wren, we thought it was intersting that he had a band on his leg.
 This is a Female Great Curassow
 Here is a Kiskadee Flycatcher
 The Passerini's Tanager is definitely the bird that we see most often.  Here is a male checking out the dining area.  I really like his expression
This is a female of the same bird.  I want to add these to an evolution slide as an example of sexual dimorphism.  
This is a Slaty Tailed Trogan flying overhead.  I seem to take a lot of pictures hoping that a few will turn out.  It is usually raining or at least wet, so sometimes it is hard to know what you are getting while you are out.  
The Black Mandible Toucan used to be called the Chestnut Mandible Toucan, but it was recently changed.  Most of our guides seem to think that changing names is an attempt to sell more bird guide books.  I know I posted this photo before, but I just love it.  Ryan got it when we pulled the bus over to the side of the road and opened to door so he could take a quick shot.
This is a Green Hermit.  Ryan caught a great action shot on this one.  

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