Sunday, May 24, 2015

Trail Cameras

We've been doing some research into what type of camera trap would be best for our follow up project.  I found one that seemed reasonable, but when I sent the specs over to our contact at Kennedy Space Center, he thought that we needed a variable focal length.  So after some more research, we settled on a Spypoint BF-10HD.  Ellen, who works at a school receiving extra funding for low income students, was able to find money in the budget to buy two cameras.  Ryan and I don't get any extra money and so are both working on independent funding.  This is a link to Ryan's Go Fund Me page.  I've got a Donor's Choose proposal in the works, so hopefully that will result in a few more cameras to make our project doable.  Part of the plan is placing cameras along a gradient to look at the impact of rising water levels.  

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